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NRBC Membership Requirements
In order to become an NRBC member one has to comply with the following requirements:

1. Having the Dutch nationality or speaking Dutch and performing business activities in Rome or in central/southern Italy or
2. Collaborating with Dutch groups or having Dutch clients who commercial activities in Rome or in central/southern Italy (thus Dutch citizenship or speaking Dutch in not a requisite in this case).

NB: persons who live outside central/southern Italy may also register as members of the Association, providing that they or their clients perform professional or business activities in Rome or in central/southern Italy.

Membership Application
In order to apply for membership, please send an e-mail to  We then will send you an application form on which you can indicate which information you wish to be shown on the website and which not. In addition, you can send us your photo and the logo of your business, which we will publish with your data on the NRBC website.

Membership Contribution
In the event that your membership request has been honored, you will be requested to pay an annual contribution of Euro 35. This contribution will be used to maintain the website, cover the NRBC bank account costs, to organize the NRBC evenings and to purchase presents for the speakers.

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