30th anniversary of the Dutch Praatcafé in Rome

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Last night the Board of the NRBC was largely represented at the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Dutch Praatcafé in Rome. Special speaker of the evening was Mrs. Marry de Gaay Fortman, Partner of the known law firm Houthoff, President of the Dutch association “Stichting Topvrouwen” and author of the book “Verdrink geen dooie eend”.  The subject of her talk was: “De Kunst van de Beminnelijke Doeltreffendheid” (The Art of Amiable Effectiveness). Marry spoke about her career as a woman in a men’s world. The most important suggestions were: don’t waste energy on negative situations or sleepers – “dead ducks” – and never underestimate the power of amiability.

Marry de Gaay Fortman

As said, the Dutch Praatcafé is celebrating its 30th birthday this month, so it was also a very festive evening. Certain persons received a Praatcafé award, such as NRBC Treasurer Claudia de Regt for all she has done for the Praatcafé and the Dutch community in Rome.

Mr. Marius de Gaay Fortman and Mrs. Claudia de Regt

We thank the organiser of the Dutch Praatcafé, Marius de Gaay Fortman (and also his wife Sonneke), for the kind invitation and for a great and inspiring evening, which was also the perfect occasion for meeting new people and catching up with old friends! 

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Women for Future

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Angela Mannaerts, President of the NRBC Netherlands Roman Business Club, had the honour to be invited by Samuel Pengel, Country Manager Global Italy of Atradius, to participate in the event Women for Future organized by the Marcegaglia Foundation.

Prominent personalities from the entrepreneurial world met on Wednesday 2 October 2019 in an exceptional location, the Italian Galleries in Piazza della Scala, one of the most important museums in the central Milan area.

It was a special evening of meeting, networking and solidarity in favor of the Marcegaglia Foundation projects, in particular the new ECD Early Childhood Development Center in Rwanda, a center that will welcome 100 children from 3 to 6 years and their mothers for educational activities and prevention of malnutrition.

The gala evening was also an opportunity to present the cultural and educational projects implemented by the Marcegaglia group on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of its activities.

Photo: Mrs. Angela Mannaerts (President NRBC Netherlands Roman Business Club and Mr. Johan O. Verboom (Consul-General of the Netherlands in Milan) at the Women for Future event of the Marcegaglia Foundation.

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Sanpaolo Invest meets the companies: services and opportunities

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On 26 September our Rome based member Eric van Craaikamp, Private Banker at SanPaolo Invest, co-organized an exclusive event at Palazzo Brancaccio “Sanpaolo Invest meets the companies: services and opportunities “, followed by a cocktail dinner.

Through the Private Wealth Management division of the Bank,  useful services were presented exclusively to high level companies and their entrepreneurs as well professionals with undisputed ability who follow and advise these entrepreneurs and companies. This presentation was followed by the management’s launch of a new Private Equity Fund.

NRBC members Angela Mannaerts and Paolo Mascagna had the honour to be invited and wish to thank Eric for the possibility of participating in this successful and very interesting (networking) event.

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BNR news radio interview with Angela Mannaerts and Godelieve Cooymans on the budget crisis in Italy

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Short article and radio interview in Dutch language on BNR news radio with NRBC President Angela Mannaerts and NRBC Vice President Godelieve Cooymans.

For the Dutch article and the radio interview please click here: https://lnkd.in/gQKBYCQ

For the English translation of the introducing article please read below.

Italian budget crisis also affects Dutch entrepreneurs
BNR news radio, 26 October 2018

The unrest concerning the budget of the Italian government of Lega and the Five Star Movement affects not only Italian but also Dutch entrepreneurs. ‘The banks and insurance companies are under enormous pressure, and they have to raise four billion euros by prepaying advances on taxes,‘ says entrepreneur Godelieve Cooymans, owner of Proaxxes in Florence. Angela Mannaerts, lawyer in Rome and chairman of the Netherlands Roman Business Club, is also worried. “This already has a negative effect on the Italian economy.Follow us on


OpenArtCode Florence – Thursday 3 May – Guided Tour Especially For The NRBC

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We have rescheduled a date for our joint visit to Florence for the big Contemporary Art Exhibition in the spaces where Brunelleschi, Michelangelo, Donatello, Ammannati and Vasari were working during the Renaissance. After the success of the 2017 exhibit at the Grand Palais in Paris and at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, 52 international artists from OpenArtCode (among which the Dutch artists Eva Beumer and Marianne J. Jansen) will show their works in the Salone di Donatello of the Basilica di San Lorenzofrom 19th April to 8th May 2018.

For more detailed information on the event, it’s location and an introduction to the different artists, we invite you to read this article.

NRBC member Leontine StreefkerkArt Management Consultant for SaSa-Art is working together with Dr Vito Abbacurator of the Exhibit, to organise an exclusive tour for the NRBC

Close up ‘Germinazione’ from Stefano Sanna 

Program Thursday 3 May

Individual arrivals NRBC members at the Basilica of San Lorenzo (Piazza San Lorenzo, Florence), go to the Salone Donatello behind the courtyard after the ticket office (no entrance fee to visit the art exposition) to start strolling and discovering at leisure.

16.30 p.m. (punctually please because the exhibit closes at 17:30) Dr Abba will give our group an enriching and entertaining explanation about the artists and their works.

After the tour, we walk together to the 4 * Palazzo Gaddi hotel (Via del Giglio, 9) which is perfectly located between the art exposition and the railway station Santa Maria Novella for a nice Italian aperitivo. Hopefully, (thumbs for good weather!) on the roof terrace for the spectacular view.

Costs are 15 € for a prosecco or wine or 10 € for a beer or glass of soft drink with various snacks served.

Would you like to join us? Available places are limited! Please confirm to: info@nrbc.it

Here some teasers for the event! 

Facade Basilica San Lorenzo)

Courtyard Basilica San Lorenzo to be crossed for access to Salone Donatello 

Opening speech by Dr. Vito Abba

Group picture OpenArtCode Artists

Leontine with artist William Braemer from Miami and Ida de Simone who runs the SaSa Art gallery in San Pantaleo, Sardinia

Opening day flow

NRBC member Elena Speranza Moll & Leontine Streefkerk with Dutch artist Marianne J. Jansen near her work. Marianne would have loved to be present at the NRBC event, but unfortunately has some other engagements abroad.

8) Overview corridor with statue of Agneta Gynning and impressive door wall panels lit by LED light from Sandra Muss

Entrance hotel Palazzo Gaddi

Wistaria in the courtyard of Palazzo Gaddi, an oasis of peace in the hectic city, located between the train station of Santa Maria Novella and the Exhibit in the Salone Donatello of the Basilica di San Lorenzo, less than 5 minutes from both locations.

View from the 5th floor of hotel Palazzo Gaddi, imagine what the view will be from the panoramic roof terrace (one floor higher up)…?

The OpenArtCode Florence Exhibit stays opened until 8 May, daily, (so also on Saturday unlike what is mentioned in the flyer) from Monday to Saturday 10:00-17:30 (latest entry 17:00) & Sunday 13:30 – 17:30, festive holidays April 25th and May 1st as well, free entryFollow us on


Salviamo La Barcaccia – inauguration Fontana delle Api in Rome

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Last Friday, 9 June, Association Salviamo La Barcaccia, of which NRBC members Angela Mannaerts and Claudia de Regt are board members, consigned the beloved Bee fountain (Fontana delle Api), designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini and located at the corner of Piazza Barberini and Via Veneto, to the City of Rome, after a restoration of approximately two months.

This gesture would not have been possible without the help of the Dutch company Koninklijke Woudenberg and its subsidiary Meesters in, that sponsored the restoration together with Salviamo La Barcaccia and worked together with the local company CBC to produce this fantastic result. All this under the technical guidance and coordination of another NRBC member, Ing. Leonardo Delle Chiaie, who acted as Clerk of Works (Direttore dei Lavori). The legal work was performed by Angela Mannaerts and some of her colleagues, including NRBC members Romina Protto and Ilaria Giuliani.

The speakers at the inauguration ceremony where the Vice Mayor and Councilor for Cultural Affairs, Luca Bergamo; Councilor of Cultural Affairs for the historic center, Cinzia Guido; Superintendent of Rome’s monuments, Claudio Parisi Presicce; the Dutch Ambassador, Joep Wijnands; Louis Camps, Managing Director of Koninklijke Woudenberg; and Angela Mannaerts, President of Salviamo la Barcaccia.

At the end of the ceremony, Koninklijke Woudenberg invited the numerous spectators, in collaboration with Eataly, to a toast, combined with wonderful slow food hamburgers, at the l’Hamburgheria of Eataly, located next to the fountain.

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BiciRoma – Orange cycling festival in Rome

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At the end of the annual BiciRoma cycling festival in Rome, from Friday May 5th to Sunday, May 7th, on Sunday the Orange Cycle Tour (La Pedalata Arancione) will start again at Piazza del Popolo, in collaboration with the Dutch embassy.

Participation is free, no registration is required.

For € 10 you get a kit with backpack, t-shirt, bandana, roadmap and pencil, and a refreshment on the go. Order online kits and see cycling routes here.

9:00 pm: gathering and cornetto party. Eventually pick up kit.
9.15 pm: Speeches by, among others, Ambassador Joep Wijnands
9.45: departure

When: Sunday, May 7, 2017 at 09:00
Where: Piazza del Popolo, Rome

Source: www.nederlandersinrome.netFollow us on


Member Gunneman GIS & Geomatics is hiring!

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Member Jochgem Gunneman is opening a Rome office of Gunneman GIS & Geomatics shortly!

Gunneman GIS & Geomatics focuses on the development of geo-applications (on-card-based applications) and serves its Dutch clients preferably from Rome. The company has won a tender together with another Dutch company (Nieuwland). Not only does this mean that a long-cherished dream is coming true, but also that employees from Rome will be hired.

Gunneman GIS & Geomatics is urgently looking for companies that offer payroll services. In any case, we intend to outsource our payroll administration. Do you know a company with which you had good experiences and which you would recommend? Or do you have golden tips about keeping working with Italian personnel? If so, then send an e-mail to jochgem@gunneman-geo.nl .Follow us on


News from Tessa Vrijmoed of Beyond the Colosseum (in Dutch language)

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Published on 05 March 2017 on You Tube

Het Colosseum voorbij: lezingen voor scholieren op locatie in Rome

Als classica verhuisde Tessa Vrijmoed in 2008 naar Rome. Destijds was ze pas afgestudeerd en trok haar het ‘nieuwe en spannende’ van het buitenland aan. Ook uw leerlingen staan op het punt een belangrijke keuze te maken: wat gaan zij doen na hun diploma?

In een interactieve lezing vertelt Tessa hoe het is om als twintigjarige je vaderland achter je te laten en zonder enig contact een nieuw leven op te bouwen. Het actuele leven in Rome fascineert haar nog iedere dag: ze beschrijft het in haar columns op www.beyondthecolosseum.com en meerdere keren per week op haar nieuwsplatform Beyond the Colosseum.
Wat doet een Romein als hij twee mensen op straat ziet zoenen? Waar komt het nonchalante gedrag van werknemers in de publieke sector vandaan? Is Marcello Mastroianni’s filosofische opmerking voor de Trevifontein in La Dolce Vita nog altijd actueel? Waar moet je op je volgende bezoek naar Rome absoluut naartoe?

Dat zijn zomaar wat vragen die aan bod zouden kunnen komen tijdens haar presentatie. De leerlingen zullen niet alleen maar hoeven luisteren. Ze worden aan het denken gezet door typisch Romeinse situaties en ze leren wat romanesco, het Romeinse dialect waarin het Latijn soms nog duidelijker zichtbaar is dan in het Italiaans.

Hebt u interesse in een dergelijk programma als u straks met uw leerlingen in Rome bent? Neem dan contact met Tessa Vrijmoed op voor meer informatie omtrent tarieven en reservering: info@beyondthecolosseum

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