24 September 2015 LinkedIn Advanced Course in Rome

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After a nice vacation we are ready for a new season full of new and interesting activities!

As kick off, we started with a workshop on social media, and in particular onLinkedIn for entrepreneurs. This course, which was given by Vincent Wiegers, a consultant of Het Business Collectief, was very practical and tailored to our request.In fact, Vincent wished to receive the names of the participants beforehand in order to be able to comment upon each member’s profile during the course.

During the course, Vincent explained us:
1.    How to improve our profiles (inter alia by adding sheets, power point          presentations and images)
2.    How to perform an advanced search on profiles
3.    To find the groups we are aiming at
4.    How to become part of a groups
5.    How to advertise on LinkedIn

We all brought our tablet or laptop with us, as Vincent worked directly with us on our social media profiles. During the workshop we enjoyed a delicious AperiCena.


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