Member Gunneman GIS & Geomatics is hiring!

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Member Jochgem Gunneman is opening a Rome office of Gunneman GIS & Geomatics shortly!

Gunneman GIS & Geomatics focuses on the development of geo-applications (on-card-based applications) and serves its Dutch clients preferably from Rome. The company has won a tender together with another Dutch company (Nieuwland). Not only does this mean that a long-cherished dream is coming true, but also that employees from Rome will be hired.

Gunneman GIS & Geomatics is urgently looking for companies that offer payroll services. In any case, we intend to outsource our payroll administration. Do you know a company with which you had good experiences and which you would recommend? Or do you have golden tips about keeping working with Italian personnel? If so, then send an e-mail to .

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